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VHF SRC ONLINE INTERACTIVE COURSE  / Online course / 750 pln


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VHF SRC ASSESSMENT (1:1 Assessment/ + Exam. - Kolobrzeg / You choose date. Enquire befoue you booking. (price does not include licence fee) / 2 000 pln


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VHF SRC SHOREBASED (Classroom + Exam. - Kolobrzeg and Warsaw / available dates soon  (price does not include licence fee) / 750 pln

How do I Book?

How do I Book?


Check out the available course dates and then contact us or book online. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Tadek (tadek@tadekduch.pl) or Marta (biuro@tadekduch.pl) for more information.

What's included?



  •     RYA VHF SRC Course Handbook

  •     Postage & Packaging of the above

  •     Classroom Course : 8 hrs with simulator radios  and GMDSS Equipment

  •     Interactive Course : download of the award winning software


Not Included

  •     VHF licence fee (£70) payable to the RYA in advance via RYA Webpage



Topics for this course include: 

  •     The basics of radio operation

  •     The correct frequencies (channels) to be used

  •     Distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures

  •     Making ship to shore telephone calls

  •     Digital Selective Calling (DSC) using simulators

  •     Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)

  •     Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB)

  •     Search and Rescue (SART)



We run our theory courses at the following locations:


Pre-course requirements:


Minimum age 16 yrs.

You will need to bring a passport photograph to the exam in order to complete your application on passing the assessment.

Course Information

VHF SRC Course and Exam - Warsaw and Kolobrzeg

The VHF Radio Operators SRC (short range certificate) is a legal requirement for the operation of VHF radios in the UK and many other countries like POLAND. It can be obtained by:


1: Attending a recognised training course. Either the RYA on-line interactive course, or a one day classroom-based course. These courses are designed to take about 10 hours which includes some background reading from the course book.




2: Completing an assessment with a registered RYA/Ofcom Assessor (see below). (minimum age for assessment is 16 yrs).  The exam can take place as part of the course and exam day or 1:1 with an assessor on a date of your choosing. So, your options would be:

  • attend a scheduled course and exam day

  • complete the RYA interactive course online and book a 1:1 exam with one of our assessors in Warsaw or Kolobrzeg

  • complete the RYA Interactive course online and then come to the exam part of one of our scheduled course and exam days.

Different charges apply - please see below or call to find out. 



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